Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Business Card Design and Printing Guide

It’s never easy marketing a business, especially if there are hundreds of competitors. If you want your business to flourish, you need to get down to brass tacks and think of a better marketing strategy. One timeless strategy to consider is giving away business cards. However, before deciding to print your business cards, take the following tips into account.

Content vs. Design

Decide on your business card’s content. A business card has a very limited space, so you should maximize it by placing only the most important pieces of information about your business. Exercise caution as you might get too focused on stuffing the available space with information that you forget about the design. All your information must be arranged properly, and any additional design elements should match the theme of your business.

Paper vs. Design

You might think of printing your business card design on any type of paper. The various types of commercially available paper, however, have wildly different compositions, which makes printing quality vary. Some kinds of paper are too smooth and can lead to smudged print-outs; choose paper that can hold heavy ink.

Professional Printing

You may be tempted to print your own business cards, but you’ll only run the risk of getting a pale or smudgy output. Consider hiring a business card printing company, as such a firm uses high-quality printing equipment and can choose the type of paper most suitable for your design.

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