Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How Celloglazing Adds Value to Your Business Card?

As it is usually squashed between wallet cards or tossed in the pocket with other items, how can a business card maintain its attractiveness until the time your prospect actually thinks of calling you? One way is through celloglazing, a finishing procedure that gives print works a high end finish and prolongs their structural integrity.

Celloglazing is a finishing process where a thin transparent film is adhered to a printed work, such as a business card, by a special machine that uses both heat and pressure. A protective coating is thus formed on the surface, and it’s very hard to remove. The resulting finish can be matte or gloss, and it can be applied on one side of the card or both.

Celloglazing increases your business card’s quality by making it far more robust and giving it a classy, expensive look. This is particularly helpful when you’re dealing with high-end clients or potential partners, situations where first impressions of your business matter a lot.

It’s a common practice among business professionals to write additional details on their cards. However, celloglaze is a plastic coating, which precludes writing on the surface. Thus, when you have your cards printed, notify your business card supplier of the side that needs to be written on.

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