Friday, April 10, 2015

Three Essential Business Card Design Tips

Despite advances in digital technology, professionals still find the need to hand out business cards to their potential clients. Not only is it convenient, business cards also make great marketing tools.  Many businessmen see the act of leaving a card as somewhat like leaving a person with a parting gift.

Whether you’re meeting with a prospective client or building a network at a social event, a business card can play a huge role in making a good impression. Seasoned professionals never leave home (or office) without them—there’s always a stack of business cards on their persons ready to be handed out at a moment’s notice.

If you’re thinking of having a business card for yourself, then here’s what you have to keep in mind regarding its design: 

First, the card must present your brand elements and contact information effectively, so keep you card’s design and content clean and organized.

Second, select the appropriate fonts and sizes. These will dictate the legibility of the information on your card

Lastly, make sure to strike the perfect balance between simplicity and visual appeal in your card’s design. Having a striking yet simple business card will present you as a savvy professional with smart tastes.

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